A lot has changed since the last time I updated this blog! A couple years have come and gone since Copper Content went live and thriving. My life has had a full overhaul since then and there are a plethora of new things coming to get excited about:

Vibrant Marketing is Underway

With incredible clients and huge shifts in my career, I found myself becoming more about of a tourism company called Vibrant Management. Since 2021, I’ve headed the Marketing department here at Vibrant, made lifelong relationships, and have grown leaps and bounds in my career. To the point where now my colleagues and I from Vibrant Management are now creating a new marketing company called Vibrant Marketing.

Vibrant Marketing is starting out offering purely paid advertising services only; Google Adwords, Facebook/Instagram ads, and Google Guarantee. It is insanely exciting and may become bigger than I could have ever imagined!

With my incredibly talented and business-savvy partners, Spencer Halford, Cody Adent, Breck Dokstader, and Jon Hall, we’re building the car while we drive it. Things are a bit chaotic right now, as most start-ups are, but I’m excited about the progress.

You could hardly call us a start-up; between my 6 years of technical experience in the industry, Spencer’s 10 years, Jon’s extensive experience that spans I don’t even know how many years, and Cody and Breck’s 15+ years in business. We’ve welcomed several of our first clients this week already, created our Core Values, the new website is underway, and projected our next 1, 3, and 10 years.

This is not to say that Copper Content will no longer exist. What I will probably end up doing is funneling any new leads or clients I get into Vibrant Marketing, but I do plan to maintain my presence. Well, my websites at the very least. I also do still plan on writing, but less for business, and more for pleasure, but more on that in a little bit.

Exciting things to come, so stay tuned!

I’m a Certified 200-Hour Yoga Teacher

Perhaps the most exciting news is that I completed my 200 Hour YTT in December 2022. I’ve been steadily substituting teaching ever since then at Sun Rock Yoga. It has been perhaps the greatest thing I’ve everyone. It was a scary leap, financially, not knowing how I could pay for this, living paycheck to paycheck, but determined to figure it out anyways. Now here I am – no debt, my YTT completely paid off, and conquering my debilitating fear of public speaking every time I teach.

I can’t wait to continue my yoga education as the years go by. I want to keep learning, growing, and staying connected to my spirituality, especially in the face of so much change in my life. I am just as passionate about yoga as I am about reading and writing. This has been a very personal and emotional journey for me, so I’ll leave this update here for now, but I hope to see you all on the mat very soon!

Crushing the 2023 Book Goals

For those of you who know me, you know I have always been a huge book nerd. I’m really just a nerd in general; I love to learn. My book goals for 2023 were to read 24-30 books, and guess what? I’m already at 24 WOOHOO! ????

Needless to say, I anticipate that I will far surpass my goal of 30 books this year. I have already learned so much! When they say you don’t learn anything from non-fiction, that is a complete lie! I’ve read a decent variety of genres – mysteries, thrillers, rom-coms, romance, lots of contemporary fiction, some fantasy, and lots of historical fiction. There is so much to learn in books, fiction or not.

I learn new words every single day that I read. I learn about new cultures (I finished a middle-eastern pirate book earlier this year), new languages, new ways of thinking, new ideologies, places I’ve never heard of or didn’t know much about, different parts in history, activities (like erging – look it up) that I didn’t know where a thing. Reading, even fiction, ignites a passion in you, a taste for adventure.

I will say, not all of them have been winners, and I’ve noticed that even some that are wildly popular (Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow, The People We Meet on Vacation, or Black Cake… to name a few), I was not a huge fan of. But that’s the point of books – they’re not meant for everyone. Everyone has their own taste and preferences. The world would be an extremely boring place if we all liked the same things.

I would also like to note that a lot of books written within the last few years (specifically after 2020), all seem to have an agenda. I find myself pretty disappointed by most of them; I don’t want to be force-fed opinions, especially contradictory new-age opinions. I’ve been gravitated more towards historical fiction, or just books written before 2020 really. The good ‘ol days lol!

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On to the Writing Updates

So as I said above, Copper Content will still exist, but just in a different capacity. In combination with this website, leahrobertswriting.com, I plan to continue writing, but more for pleasure than for business. I may or may not take on more SEO/Blogging clients personally, it all depends on the capacity I have at the time. However, I want to shift my focus onto my website presence.

I’ve never been much of a video-person and by that I mean, I’m not cut out to be a TikTok influencer. I don’t enjoy the camera, nor does it enjoy me. However, I do want to maintain my blogs better than I do now, write more personally and from the heart. Write about more than just marketing – I plan to expand my vegan blog and recipes, start writing more yoga-spiritual based content. Maybe even try my hand out on some creative writing, publishing short stories, getting back into writing for magazines.

Long term, I’ve always wanted to publish a novel. Ever since I was a kid, I wrote chapters upon chapters of new books, and always ended up scrapping them (damn you young Leah, what I wouldn’t give to read what she wrote). I’ve written a few new things in adulthood, but obviously life gets in the way and you have much less time for things like that when you’re busy trying to survive. However, if I even wrote a story loosely based on my life, that shit would sell like hot cakes lol!

Adulthood comes with hardships, heartache, and struggles, but it also comes with experience, knowledge, love, and light. I may not have all the time in the world to write what I want to write right now, but I know that any story I write down will be rich and full of breadth, just from the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in my life so far.

The Family is Healthy and Happy as Clams

I’ll keep this section brief, because I am a pretty private person when it comes to my personal life. I will say that Ty and I are doing well; we are coming up on 4 years of partnership together.We’re healthy and happy as clams, even thorough the struggles of life. We fare well together. We’re slowly remodeling our home, and “raising” our 8 beautiful pets (3 dogs, 4 cats, and a tarantula), who are all also healthy and happy as clams.

Clams aren’t very vegan are they.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little life update. Lots of exciting things are happening, so stay tuned. We’re keeping our heads held high and waiting with bated breath for our massive life overhaul!

Namaste ༂

Leah Roberts