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Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Leah Roberts, owner and founder of Copper Content LLC. I created my business in 2018 as a freelance digital marketing and content creation agency. It has since grown and flourished into a successful little holistic digital marketing agency & education platform!

Now, I’ve made Leah Roberts Writing a personal blog that provides my audience with a more in-depth connection with me. It also gives me a chance to explore more creative writing and dabble in the other things that give me life – like my passion for food and supporting the local businesses in Southern Utah! 

I hope you find some helpful tips here as you ruffle through some of my blogs! Kick your feet up and enjoy!


Namaste ༂


Leah Roberts writing freelance writer in southern utah freelance content creation agency

Leah Roberts

༂ I started my freelance company at age 22
༂ I’ve been in the marketing space since 2018; I’ve learned everything I know on the job, from a local marketing guru. Today I continue to grow and learn in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. 
༂ Over 9 years of customer service and business management experience.
༂ From Las Vegas, NV & currently residing in the red rocks of Southern Utah
༂ Mother of 7 fur kids (4 cats 3 dogs)
༂ I love learning, writing, editing, and networking
༂ My passions include (in no particular order) animals, food, whiskey & wine, yoga, and hiking

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