One question I am often asked is what some of my favorite yoga brands/products are – and I LOVE this question! I can’t wait to share my favorite products with you. In my 10 years of practicing yoga, I’ve tried a lot of different brands in search of the one brand I can finally settle down with (just like men right lol).

So all of the suggestions I am about to make below are completely genuine, tried and true, and are not commissionable – it comes from a place of true love!

Yoga Clothing

Let’s talk about yoga clothes first, because of course right? I am a big fan of any buttery-type feeling yoga clothes. I do not wear anything else to yoga but buttery-feeling ones.

In my opinion, yoga clothes are different than gym clothes. In yoga, with the way we flow and move through poses, it’s important to have full flexibility in your clothing. Buttery-feel provides that for me. The spandex type of clothing are more compressive, to hold things in, not necessarily for flexibility, in my opinion. I don’t prefer the compressive spandex type of workout clothes.

With all that being said, my all-time favorite brand of yoga clothes is Beyond Yoga! All the clothing has that soft buttery feel and amazingly long-lasting!

Wear & Tear

My oldest Beyond Yoga top is about 5 years old now and still has yet to “pill”. Hopefully, it never will. Pilling is when fibers in fabric rub together during wear and washing, causing them to loosen and form small balls on the surface.

I think it’s safe to say that Lulu Lemon has taken over the space. I have LuluLemon leggings, and I have had the tops as well. The Align leggings go about 3 washes/wears (from what I’ve noticed, again just my opinion) before they begin to “pill”. Especially between the thighs where the fabric tends to rub together more. Long term, even without drying (I always hang-dry my yoga clothes) they “pill” horribly. They don’t retain that “new” look for very long. From my experience, Lulu leggings also don’t hold their shape well, meaning they loosen quickly over time.

As for the Lulu tops, while cute, I have never kept one long enough to see how the wear and tear is. The tops I’ve gotten have all been the compression-spandex material, which as I said above, is not my preference. I’ve since given away or donated those tops, but I would imagine the spandex type of material does not “pill” as much? Who’s to say?

As for other brands of yoga clothes, I have tried many brands, from CRZ, to Nike, RBX, 90 Degrees, etc., (I was a TJ Maxx shopper before I was a yogi) and I never loved any of them like I love Beyond Yoga.

Thickness & Quality

Beyond Yoga’s clothing is also luscious and thick. Not in a hot, winter, suffocating kind of way, but in a way that I know when I bend and move, no one is seeing through my leggings, in the sunlight or otherwise.

You know what I’m saying, ladies.

As for the tops – all of my Beyond Yoga tops are padless (fun fact – I hate wearing bras/pads in general). Hence why their tops are a favorite for me. They are thick in material, and have an extra layer of fabric as a “bra” for the tops for extra support. Again, you won’t be seeing through these tops either!

They have a collection called “Spacedye” and these are especially my favorites. The fabric pattern provides that extra layer of security I like, so when my nipples get hard, you can’t even tell! The pattern allows the material to be more dimensional.

Yoga Mats

Arguably just as important as the yoga clothing, are the yoga mats. Although I think most people are not as picky as I might be. Again, I’ve tried many different brands over the years, and have come to one conclusion – Manduka mats are the way to go.

I have the Manduka Pro mat, which is 6mm. & I SWEAR by it! Best grip I’ve ever found in a mat, and it’s easy to clean and get it grippy again after wear and tear. I’ve had mine for a few years now. I’ve used it indoors and out, wipe it down after almost every practice, and I’ve only had to salt it once.

Pro tip: wondering what I meant by salt? YES! You can dust your mat with sea salt and leave it outside in the sun for a few hours to get your grip back. Wipe the salt off with a damp towel and waa-laa.

And yes, unfortunately, high-quality mats are expensive. I toughed it out with my slippery Lulu mat for years before I found a Manduka Pro on sale one beautiful day. Specifically this Lulu mat; I was not a fan. I was never very grippy, but after years of wear and tear, it was practically a slip and slide.

I’ve also tried Gaia, which is a great low budget option, but wears down quickly. I was recently gifted a Bala yoga mat, and its been quite nice so far, but only time will tell.

Blocks, Bolsters, and Other Props

It may come as no surprise that my answer for props is – MANDUKA! I love the cork blocks if I’m looking for something steadier, but the foam block is also lovely. It’s softer to the touch and gives a little when you put your weight into it. The bolsters are awesome, just the right amount of squish. I find that a lot of companies make thick and firm bolsters, and that’s not my personal preference.

Manduka also has other great props like straps, mat carriers, towels, etc. They are my go-to for anything yoga-prop related. I can automatically trust that it’s a great product no matter what, and that it’ll last forever.

I hope this blog was able to give you guidance on your yoga journey! Please reach out if you have any other questions or topics you’d like to hear about on the blog. & don’t forget to book your virtual yoga sesh with me!

Happy flowing, friends!

Namaste ༂

Leah Roberts

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