I have to say, 2018 was a relatively good year. Of course, there are ups and downs for everyone, every year, every minute.

But it is good to consider that the summation of 2018 was successful for me.

Here are a few of the larger reasons for why.

I got a new job in February of 2018 that I truly love, and that lead me to creating my own business. I bought my first brand new car- a Jeep Cherokee 2018.

But the best of all? The creme de la creme? The cherry on top?

This was when I began volunteering in August for a local animal rescue in Saint George called RSQ Dogs+.

And of course, I adopted another kitten, Paisley, while volunteering! How can I not post a picture for you all to see?

In fact. I will post pictures of all 3 of my fur babies for you all- you can find pictures of my other fur babies at the bottom of this blog!

Volunteering for this rescue was not just “one of” the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It is THE best decision I’ve ever made. And I am truly blessed to be a part of it.

I love it. I love all of these animals. I love all of these people.

I have found my tribe of people- people who all love and respect animals as much as I do. People who take animals seriously and know that animals do have feelings.

Everything about joining RSQ DOGS+ has been incredible. So here are my sappy reasons for why you should consider volunteering for your local animal rescue in 2019.


1. Because You Love Animals!

This is practically the only reason you need- because you love animals! Duh!

Now obviously, if you don’t love animals, perhaps this isn’t for you. Though I’ve never met a person who doesn’t at least like animals, even just a little bit.

But yes, volunteering at your local animal shelter or rescue is a great way to indulge in your love for animals. Sure, you get to play with cute doggies, and love on some precious kitties.

But the real purpose for volunteering should be for the pure motive of wanting to help these animals you love so much.

Remembering that many of these animals no longer trust humans- they’ve been neglected, betrayed, abandoned, hurt and abused. Some may have rarely been around people before in their lives.

Others might be very ill. Dying. In pain and suffering.

Some are still happy and loving, regardless of the tough life they were left to endure until now.

The true purpose of volunteering, at least in my humble opinion, is to provide these beautiful creatures with a true chance. A chance for a new life and a chance to feel genuine love and affection.


2. To Make a Difference

Imagine a world in which no one helped animals. Not a single person. Imagine a world in which no one cared about them at all.

Our world would be filled with triple, if not quadruple, the amount of those same neglected, betrayed, abandoned, hurt and abused animals. No one would be there to ensure they are fixed and can’t over and inter-breed.

No one would be there to help them when a stupid “owner” threw their puppies on the side of an Arizona highway.

No one was there to save that paralyzed dog who was stuck on the train tracks. No one was there to love on that sweet black and white kitten with cancer in his final days.

Can you imagine a world like this?

That’s why you can never have too many people who are willing to donate their time to these animals.

They don’t have a voice. They can’t tell you whats wrong, what’s in pain, the horror they’ve seen, and the trauma they’ve endured.

That dog on the train tracks can’t simply pick up his phone and call 911 for himself.

The world needs animal rescuers, caretakers, and lovers… It’s all in the hopes of making a difference in their innocent lives.

To be a voice for the voiceless.


3. Because There Is No Better Feeling

The reality is, being in rescue is not easy.

It’s not all kisses and cuddles. You see things you can never unsee. Feel things you can never unfeel.

You cry. A lot.

Your heart hurts. A lot.

You lose animals. A lot.

Because the reality is that the world is cruel, and you cannot reverse time or nature.

Some animals will come in completely coated in motor oil, some will come in covered head to toe in 3rd degree burns.

Some animals will come in with a bullet lodged in their bodies, fish lures in their tummies, eyeballs dead in their sockets.

Some will come in trembling with parvo, or their bodies ravaged with mange.

But it’s your job to be strong. And to never give up or stop trying, even when the going gets tough.

Yeah, there are a lot of kisses and cuddles. But there will be endless tears.

And yet there is no better feeling in the world.


Volunteer This Year

Consider volunteering for RSQ DOGS+ this year, or any local rescue or shelter near you.

These beautiful animals need you this year more than ever.

Be a voice for the voiceless.


Disclosure: All of the references to the animals in this blog ARE and WERE real life occurrences.

This beautiful Heeler mix doggo in the photo is Ellie.

Ellie has been at our rescue for almost 400 days. This is because sweet Ellie, while incredibly loving and loyal once she knows you, is not particularly fond of meeting new people or new animals, UNLESS it’s done in the right way.

She simply needs someone to take a chance on her.

Follow RSG DOGS+ on Facebook and Instagram! Consider volunteering this year.


Namaste ༂


Oh and here are my 3 precious kitties!