That’s right– you’ve found me! My friends just call me Leah – or Google Whisperer, whatever suits your fancy – Southern Utah’s First Digital Marketing Freelance Writer.

I’ve been in this game for a while now, and I have yet to meet another freelancer here in Southern Utah that offers the services that I do. But on the off chance there is a Southern Utah Digital Marketing Freelance Writer who might be reading this, thinking, “Wow Leah, I was here first,” I do apologize, and let’s link up my friend. But for now, I shall claim this title.

It’s been a while since I’ve written here on my blog. You know how freelancing goes – clients come first, your accounts come second, and that’s the way it should be. I’m lucky to get a blog or two up a year, but I do try to keep my vegan restaurants in St.George blog relevant for my fellow tribe members.

My business has been doing well after the debacle of COVID. Initially, I had many of my small business clients shut down. They have all since come back except one or two. Even so, business has picked up, I have the same amazing solid clients I’ve had since the beginning which is always encouraging.

I even have an assistant now, Caitlin, to help me get some of these blogs out for my clients and she is phenomenal, very excited to have her on my team. She is also a freelancer out of Iowa, so it’s there’s a little bit of freelancer-to-freelancer support happening here.

I am also invariably taking classes at DSU, a class here and there every year or so, to just continue to expand my knowledge in this ever-changing field, and also to improve on my skills.

The most thrilling news of all is a rebrand for my business – can you tell that my current brand was set up quickly? This time, instead of doing it myself as the visually non-creative that I am (you come to me for the written word and technical experience), I am working with an incredibly talented branding artist from Sixth Avenue Designs. She’s in the process of spitballing new colors, logos, typography, etc., with me for my rebrand and I am ridiculously excited about it! Ah!

Check out the progress so far on Copper Content.

However, I do still have some client openings currently that I would love to get filled. So here I am, once again, writing another SEO blog so that all you beautiful people can find my website (soon-to-be brand new website) when you are Googling the keyword digital marketing freelance writer nearest you.

What’s Changed About My Services?

Before we jump into that, you may have noticed that I have switched a few things up already on my website, as I get a head start on my rebrand. The most significant change I want to point out is the two services I have taken away:

  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design

Now, I’m an honest gal, so I’m going to be blunt here. I’ve taken these services away for two reasons, and two reasons only:

  1. I don’t like managing social media (I don’t even use it myself quite honestly)
  2. I don’t think I am stellar at either one of those services, and here’s why: I don’t believe myself to be talented in the visual creatives. I would sooner refer my clients to a freelance web designer who does this for a living because they like to, and because that is their strength in this industry. However, neither of these services are what I am best at.

A service that I have chosen to showcase more is my Adwords Management Packages – a package solely for my technical expertise in creating and managing a business’ Google ads. Adwords Management, along with SEO, freelance writing, and content creation, is where I excel, and why you should choose me.

If you’re looking for services such as social media management, a new website, brand consulting, or even graphic design, I’ve got people in places for that. I can happily refer you to some of my closest confidants. I will always refer you to other freelancers that I personally use for those kinds of projects, never to an agency. That’s not my style.

Why Choose A Digital Marketing Freelance Writer?

See what I did there? I am no Neil Patel, but I play one on TV.

But seriously, choosing me for your business’ online presence management could quite possibly be the smartest idea you’ve ever had! If you haven’t yet read my 3 Reasons To Choose A Freelancer blog, you should head there right quick, and then come back here. In this blog, I break down all the reasons why you should always choose a Digital Marketing Freelance Writer for your business, rather than an agency.

The reasons are perhaps obvious: individuality, undivided attention, rapport, price, but most importantly, freelancer’s care.

Agencies won’t take care of you like a freelancer. If you’ve ever worked with a marketing agency before, then you’ve probably noticed this, and hence, this is why you are looking for a Digital Marketing Freelance Writer.

If you are currently working with a marketing agency, maybe you are beginning to doubt the quality that you are receiving? Maybe you wonder why it’s been a month since you’ve heard from your account rep? Perhaps you want to know why $500 Google payments are coming out of your credit card every week, but you haven’t even seen an increase in business? Not to mention the $5,000 you are paying this marketing agency per month, with no proof as to what they are doing for your online presence?

You’re not alone. This is extremely common and almost inevitable in marketing agencies.

How Am I Different?

Here’s the thing – I’m not trying to become some giant tech mogul. I’m not trying to turn my freelance business into an enterprise. My ambitions are not to sell out by marketing for huge empires like Nike or McDonalds. Maybe this surprises you, maybe it doesn’t. Aren’t most people trying to climb up the ladder as far as possible, trying to make as much money as possible?

Yes, I am in this to make a livelihood, but I am not in this to become a millionaire, to create a colossal marketing agency, or to swindle people out of their hard-earned dollars. I just want to make a comfortable living, worry-free of cash flow, and exploit the skills I’ve worked so hard to hone.

I want to use my skills to improve the online presence of small businesses because you are far more important to this economy than Nike and McDonalds.

These amazing clients I mentioned above that have been with me since the beginning, are people I genuinely care about. I trust them, and they trust me. We have built a friendship from our business exchange, and that’s the way it should be. They know I am doing the work they’re paying me a fair price for, and they know I am doing it well.

I provide technical skill and knowledge, results, proof in numbers, and consistent communication, all without swindling clients out of money. And this is why you should choose me as your Digital Marketing Freelance Writer for your small business. This is what I love, and I am in it for the passion, not for the money.

Let’s support each other, B2B. Shoot me a text, or give me a call, and let’s chat about what I can whisper to Google for your business’s online presence.

As always, much love and light my friends. Thanks for tuning in.

Namaste ༂

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